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Housemekar Architect Company

Housemekar Architect Company stands as the foremost architect firm in Bihar and Jharkhand, renowned for its expertise in crafting tailor-made designs and house-building plans to perfectly align with the unique preferences and needs of our esteemed clientele. Our extensive range of offerings spans from contemporary home designs to those rooted in tradition. We comprehend that your residence serves as a reflection of your identity and values. Thus, we are wholly dedicated to delivering customized building solutions tailored precisely to your lifestyle requirements. The realization of your dream house, designed with meticulous attention to detail, is executed in the most seamless manner possible.

Our team of seasoned professionals leverages the best practices and technical acumen, honed over countless hours of collective experience, ensuring the delivery of homes that exemplify exceptional quality to every discerning customer. At Housemekar Architect Company, we firmly believe in transforming your dwelling into a sanctuary where relaxation and rejuvenation are paramount after a long day. This philosophy drives us to create homes that are not only functional and pragmatic but also imbued with luxury and comfort. Our steadfast commitment to excellence guarantees that each residence we construct stands as a true masterpiece, consistently surpassing your highest expectations.

If you seek a dependable and expert team to transform your dream of a perfect home into reality, look no further than Housemekar Architect Company, the Best Architect of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Interior Design by House Mekar

Ground Floor Elevation/Front View

Temple Design by House Mekar

Showroom Design by HouseMekar

First Floor Plan by HouseMekar

Marriage Hall Plan by HouseMekar

Site Images of HouseMekar

Ongoing Projects

Concept 2D Plan by House Mekar

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Architecture is basically an idea or a concept or say an imagination which is created, developed and bring to the reality which is artistically as well as technically feasible.

Sushant Kumar

In order to achieve the best results in architecture and planning one should be Creative, Optimistic and Determined.

Aditya Kumar

Recognizing the need is the primary condition of design

Ravindra Kumar

Best Architect Company of Bihar & jharkhand

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